Remember Birds, Words & Websites? It has a new look.


Way back when, when I started blogging about nature, birds, and technology, I started a blog called Birds, Words & Websites. It gained some traction, and I became known in the small world of the birding community. This blog was found on my personal URL:

Eventually, I created this website (My Digital Nature) to separate my digital communications work from my blogging, and closed down the Birds, Words & Websites blog to put my energies into a birding travel project called Nature Travel Network.

Being someone with diverse skills and interests it was hard to figure out what the domain should look like, so I closed it down for a long while.

lmk2I’m happy to report has sprung back to life, with a new look and new layout that serves as a portal to my other projects and websites. It’s nothing too fancy, but my partner and I employed a “parallax” theme that scrolls downward, effectively displaying the contents of each menu item on the home page. This is a favorite style of site for individuals, portfolios, sole proprietors, etc.

I like the monochrome organic sage and ivory elements – a few of my favorite colors. Please visit and let me know what you think! How do you like that parallax style? Does the site clearly convey what I do?

If you’d like a quote for a similar site, reach out anytime.

Introducing My Digital Nature!

mydigitalnatureMy Digital Nature is an evolution of the services provided by Laura Kammermeier, who for years has provided authentic, interactive, and content-rich digital marketing solutions to a variety of worldwide nature and travel organizations such as magazines, nature nonprofits, tour companies, tourism boards, and others. Her previous work in this area can be found at Birds, Words, & Websites and will now be carried out under My Digital Nature.

In addition to the new Multimedia Digital Document products, My Digital Nature provides a variety of services including freelance writing, content strategy & development, web/mobile media consulting/project management, social media coaching, and online marketing.

Through the strategic creation of websites and now, digital brochures, newsletters, and travel guides (see samples here), My Digital Nature helps clients craft compelling Web 2.0 solutions that answer the question, “How do we tell our story? How do we cut through the digital noise and make a meaningful difference in the community we’re trying to reach?”

More about Laura:

Laura is an online content strategist and digital communications specialist who blends nature, travel, and small business content with progressive technologies. She and her team of web designers and writers help clients modernize their message on multiple digital platforms by crafting, transforming, and/or repurposing existing content to reach today’s busy, distracted audience of nature and travel lovers.

Laura has a background in science, birds, and communications and has worked for several nonprofits before going solo in 2002. Former clients include The Nature Conservancy, Bird Watcher’s Digest, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, American Birding Association, and Tropical Birding Tours.

She is also well known among bird watchers as an independent travel writer who has covered destinations such as Belize, Virginia, Texas, and Israel. Her warm, affable, and personal writing can be found on her Birding & Travel blog which will remain at Birds, Words, & Websites.

Laura is also the Destinations Director for a nationally syndicated birding travel TV show, Nikon’s Birding Adventures TV, which is hosted by James Currie and airs on NBC Sports.

Laura is prepared to offer clients a full array of options for marketing their destinations among bird and nature enthusiasts.

Contact My Digital Nature for help in promoting your organization, destination, or nature-related service.

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