Travel and Brand Ambassador


Laura is an enthusiastic advocate for nature and travel. She reports on eco-friendly birding lodges and nature destinations in the U.S. and worldwide and she helps organize press trips and familiarization tours stacked with writers and A-list birders.

While focusing on what a site offers bird watchers and nature buffs, she researches a destination’s ecological significance, bird specialties, and reveals her own experience while demonstrating its appeal to nature enthusiasts.

Laura’s birding travels have taken her to spectacular places in the US and beyond, most recently to the Andes of Peru and the Canopy Camp in Panama. She has scoured mangroves in Cuba, bamboo forests in Uganda, and wandered the deserts of Israel in search of birds and other creatures.

She’s toured the High Andes of Ecuador (with Nikon’s Birding Adventures TV), the Very Dry Forest of Honduras, and the coastal zones of Belize. In the summer of 2011, she and her family toured subalpine meadows by horseback in Yellowstone National Park.

Most of her travel blogs are published on her Travel & Birding Blog but from time to time they appear on travel websites and magazines. Credits here.

Laura also conducts or assigns book reviews and lodging reviews for Nature Travel Network.


Laura helps leading optics companies learn and use social media, conduct content marketing, test products in the field, and use social media and Nature Travel Network to promote product launches. She also works with them on advertising campaigns on Nature Travel Network.

Most recently, she was invited to the Darién of Panama to test a new spotting scope at the Canopy Camp Family of lodges (coverage here).