Recent Work: Invasive Species Website

In New York, the invasive species ‘PRISM’ network is tasked with educating and coordinating people on invasive species control and management. ¬†Last March, we released a website built for the Adirondack office, and yesterday we released a new website for the Finger Lakes¬†office. In a few months, we will be releasing a new website for the Western New York office.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 8.18.38 AM

Even though each office is managed independently and has their own identify and set of partners, the common theme is ‘invasive species in New York,’ and the ‘PRISM network’.

We felt it was important to maintain a thread of relationship through each site, while preserving their own brand identity. Therefore, we chose the same design theme (WP-Bold), which gives the site its basic structure and functionality. Then we added unique branding, photos, logos, and content. So even though the sites are different, they appear in the same family.

The clients receive several benefits from choosing one contractor for the projects.

  1. Should the network ever decide to promote the umbrella identity in the future, it should be much easier to manage.
  2. Partners and recurrent site visitors can develop expectations for how to navigate among each of the sites to find information.
  3. The clients shared the custom work we did to display invasive species profiles (see one below for Alewife, an invasive species of fish). This includes the novel programming plus the images and content, which makes it easier and faster for each new website owner to complete their site. And who doesn’t love easier and faster?


The clients are also benefiting from each other’s experience in dealing with the web development process, which can be very confusing and daunting. They can rely on each other for advice and troubleshooting tips as time goes on.

It’s been a great pleasure to work on these two sites and I look forward to the next one.


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