Recent Work: Email Newsletter Template

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 2.22.21 PMBranding. At one point, I felt this was a vague construct of overpaid marketers.¬†But over the last many years, I’ve learned that in the digital world, the importance of maintaining a branding standard across all your digital tools (website, PDFs, email templates) can’t be overstated or ignored.

This is because the information superhighway is infinite and cluttered; your customers minds are interested only in a tiny sliver of what flashes before them in a day. So if they come across one of your branded web properties that triggers a positive association, they are more likely to stop and pause the next time one of your other branded properties come before them. That’s may sound like neuro-digital mumbo-jumbo; the other reason is very simple. If all your digital web pieces (again,¬†website, PDFs, email templates, ebooks, etc) a acheive a similar level of branding, you come across looking like a sound, professional company worth doing business with; one that is worth their investment.

One of my clients understands this, at least begrudgingly, and has over the last two years gradually upgraded his web properties to really nice effect.

First, we started with a logo, then we developed a website, then upgraded the design of his internal PDFs, and most recently, developed an email template that showcases and complements these other power materials. At every stage, my team built on what was designed before and now, my client sleeps better at night now that nary a digital speck has been left behind in his online branding.

We look forward to building more email templates in the future.

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