Oops! Turning Project “Afterthoughts” into Budgeted Plans

As part of our  website project, my client realized that after investing in the new branding we had developed for his website (logo plus website), he couldn’t just slap on his old PDF trip itineraries to the site – the difference in branding visuals was so large as to be disturbing — like unwrapping Velveeta when you’re expecting Camembert or tapping a Bordeaux to find a Gallo.

So we transferred the visual identity (branding) we had created for the website into a PDF template that he could use over and over again to create new trip itineraries. The client is on Mac, but doesn’t have sophisticated software. So we built him a template on Apple’s Pages program, which is just like Microsoft Word, but lighter and more adept for small projects with lots of images. Now, all the client does is opens Pages, opens a new template, enters his new data, saves, and Voila! Job is done.

After a modest learning curve, the biggest challenge for my client was finding time to transfer all the old PDF material over to the new format. Of course we are always available to do content entry and management at competitive pricing, but the client wanted to do the work in-house since this wasn’t included in our original website proposal.

A great lesson here is: a simple website project may evolve into several working parts. Even the minor parts can be much larger than you first realize. Taking (and investing) time with your consultant to work out the content strategy in advance, and looking at every aspect of your work flow, will help you better anticipate your project needs.

HiLoEcuadorPDF_cover HiLo_Itinerary_Ecuador

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