Remember Birds, Words & Websites? It has a new look.


Way back when, when I started blogging about nature, birds, and technology, I started a blog called Birds, Words & Websites. It gained some traction, and I became known in the small world of the birding community. This blog was found on my personal URL:

Eventually, I created this website (My Digital Nature) to separate my digital communications work from my blogging, and closed down the Birds, Words & Websites blog to put my energies into a birding travel project called Nature Travel Network.

Being someone with diverse skills and interests it was hard to figure out what the domain should look like, so I closed it down for a long while.

lmk2I’m happy to report has sprung back to life, with a new look and new layout that serves as a portal to my other projects and websites. It’s nothing too fancy, but my partner and I employed a “parallax” theme that scrolls downward, effectively displaying the contents of each menu item on the home page. This is a favorite style of site for individuals, portfolios, sole proprietors, etc.

I like the monochrome organic sage and ivory elements – a few of my favorite colors. Please visit and let me know what you think! How do you like that parallax style? Does the site clearly convey what I do?

If you’d like a quote for a similar site, reach out anytime.

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