Content Strategy & Development

Content Strategists do more than write webpages, they solve business and marketing problems and create actionable content that motivates site visitors.

Image © Kalpesh Rathod

They balance creative and conceptual thinking with a respect for usability and a sensitivity for graphic and interactive design. They guide others in the process of bringing concepts to life.

As your content strategist, I have an understanding of how brand strategy, language, structure, function and technology can be combined to create compelling communications and can present you with novel ideas for promoting a brand, message, product or service. I work closely with your organization’s editorial, marketing, and technology teams to ensure that your new website meets key communications and usability goals, and will oversee all content requirements for your evolving website.

Deliverables may include:

    • Discovery documentation
    • Content inventory
    • Gap analysis/needs assessment
    • Calls to action
    • Site map/information architecture
    • Taxonomies to group and tag content
    • Content writing/editing
    • Image acquisition/digital manipulation
    • Media acquisition
    • Content migration plans
    • Because content strategy is as much an exercise in marketing and business planning as it is in digital information display, content strategy is often conducted simultaneously with a Discovery & Documentation process.

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