Content & Email Marketing

Email Marketing

All roads lead to email!

A major goal of most social media and marketing efforts should be to drive visitors to your email registration page, which opens the door to developing ongoing relationships and helps you be top of mind when the customer is ready to buy. Email marketing offers a more reliable and targeted approach to relationship building, so don’t miss out on ANY chance to drive visitors to your sign up page AND to regularly communicate with them. We help you apply these strategies to your unique business.

eBooks & Digital Publications

In the competitive market for search engine attention, every business will become a content provider of some sort. What hidden content gems are lurking in your desk drawers and cluttered computer files? We can help you identify and repackage various content products and teach you how to use them in an effective marketing or educational campaign.

When written well and propagated effectively, an eBook is a powerful social media tool that spreads brand awareness and generates click-throughs to your website. We can write your company’s eBook, advise on compelling topics or structure, or craft an eBook marketing campaign that maximizes ROI.

Marketing Collateral

Every organization must put its best foot forward on the web and a cohesive communications plan is essential to this process. We can help develop communication strategies for various aspects of your business, from naming your organization, writing a tagline and mission statement, to developing a marketing plan and a unique selling proposition. With these tools in hand, you are ready to grab your corner of the Internet and go make some noise.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing works because it channels the power of peer-to-peer recommendations. In a climate of 24/7 commercialized hype, knowing what our friends  like provides strong reason for us to consider new products and services.

As early adopters of most social media technology, we can teach you how to use social media to improve your brand’s awareness on the Internet. We provide consulting and design services for social media sites and importantly, help you understand how they all interact so you can optimize their effectiveness with minimal effort.


Facebook has fast become a KEY marketing component for any business. Indeed, it is the number one “place” consumers will interact with your brand. We can advise you on your Facebook strategy, from helping you build a Facebook page, to building a fan base, to promoting content that will generate click-throughs to your website. We also provide ideas about how to build and post content that will be enjoyed and shared by your fans, thus propagating your brand across the Web. We can help you craft Facebook Ad campaigns, which harness the power of Facebook to spread your message, service, or product.


Twitter may sound easy, but insider tricks and rules of etiquette may stump beginners. We can help you start your Twitter account, describe rules and customs, and teach you how to build Twitter into your everyday marketing plan. We also advise on what content your followers may find interesting and “retweetable,” so that followers will interact with your brand.


Your website is a living, breathing representation of you or your company. And when it looks like someone is minding the store, consumers are more likely to shop! Blogging is a good way to show that your company has timely, relevant news to share and is run by interesting people. We can help you set up a WordPress blog that is easy to write, easy to manage, and interesting to read.

YouTube or Vimeo Channel

Whether they are selling optics or magazines, many companies are producing video as a means of promoting their brand. YouTube and Vimeo are good platforms for video storage, but there are several ways they can be used to build brand awareness and encourage fans to propagate your content. We can help you build and propagate a video channel showcasing your best videos, webinars, and customer reviews.

Are webinars in your future? We can help you strategize how to use them for best effect, create a script, and find a qualified videographer.